Ukrainian families in the UK

We have organised a group of Russian and Ukrainian speaking psychotherapist and councillors who are supporting these people.

Riverside Wellbeing Centre have donated free the use of their Consulting rooms in Whaley Bridge.

However, we need donations to cover the cost of all the psychotherapist and councillors visiting affected people, fuel, rent of premises, zoom etc.

About Legal Cafe Ltd.

Our team are passionate and compassionate about helping our members with their work-related problems. I think you know that.

But to help more workers, students and business owners and resolve problems that require legal strategies the Legal Café Ltd was formed.

The Legal Café is a not for profit company which is not for the financial benefit of any individual or board of directors.

The company was set up to provide help to workers, students and business owners;

  • Training Union Representatives.
  • Legal focus on providing legal solutions on areas that unions do not cover.
  • Legal training courses that educating and empowering the workers

The intention is to use any funds received to create a legal fighting fund to expand our support to help you.

Statutory Declaration

Statutory Declaration to support your Clinical Exemption Certificate.

Dismissed: What are your options.

If you have been unsuccessful in your appeal against dismissal, you still have options.

So don’t walk away and lose the opportunity to claim compensation.

Consider an option below;

  • ACAS application.
  • Pre-ACAS/Tribunal professional support.
  • Negotiated Settlement Agreement.
  • Videos.
  • Register for updates & News.